Growing your stream doesn't have to be a daunting task

Achieve sustainable growth with a marketing and analytics platform designed for streamers

You do you, we'll take care of the rest
Heads Up's platform helps you stay on top of your game and reach faster sustainable growth by helping you market your stream
Social media presence

Develop and enhance your presence across multiple social platforms with automations and recommendations 


Track your growth and get actionable insights, uncovering the things that are driving your channel forward

Community Management

Manage and engage your community across all platforms. One tool to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

No credit card required
One platform, multiple integrations
Connect your accounts once - then sit back and relax
Manage the creation and distribution of your content across all social media, including the ability to schedule and automate posts, all in one place
Analytics that support actions
Key metrics and recommendations on how to improve
Go beyond average viewers and followers with benchmarks, minute based content analysis, competitive analysis, collaboration potentials, monetization analysis and much more
Community Relationship Management (CRM)
Understand your community on another level
Consolidate communities across platforms, segment your follower base and understand what drives them back to your content. Recognize loyal members and increase retention
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